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Grow your business Idea

We help our valuable customers with IT Advisory intelligently, retain them optimally and manage them profitably.

Real World Experience with Cloud x Lab

Real world experience means that one gets to work on real machinery in a real production environment.


The journey of a thousand miles begins with TRUST & CONFIDENCE.

Making effective decisions in real time

By Building Real-Time Analytics Dashboard, we help our valuable customers achieve the objectives of analytics and visualization were applied to accomplish their goals in making effective decision in real time

Get Certified Become Big Data expert using gamified learning

Have you ever wondered how you can apply various Machine Learning and IOT techniques for everyday business problems? Or, are you someone who has heard of Machine Learning but couldn't get a chance to dig a little deeper?

Why Choose Our Service

We are dedicated to execution excellence through proven processes and have assisted companies of all sizes successfully transform their businesses.

Analytics Services

Our high-performing analytics team is strong in technical data skills to empower the team, analytical skills to drive the work itself, and business skills to ensure the right work is being done and that it’s driving business value.

Experts Employees

Our experts develop solutions to meet your specific needs regardless of the technology whether the requirements are for a relational, non-relational or massively parallel processing system.

Training & Certification

We offer comprehensive training courses authored by industry  to help our customers and partners  courses. The lab setup is exactly how enterprises work on Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Big Data technologies.

why we are the best

We have experience & We provide best solution for grow your business

We design and develop your future-ready business applications specifically tailored to your needs. AAT is the unique combination of Technologies. We deliver Digital Transformation Services, IT Outsourcing services, and Automation services from ideation to implementation, empowering clients to outclass the competition. AAT has expertise in the Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics expertise.

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Our Service

Technology Consulting

Our activity focuses on advising organizations on how best to use information technology in achieving their business objectives. We serve IT, Telecom, Healthcare, Education, Banking & Governments sectors.

Software Design, Development and Support

Our experienced team has the technical prowess with the world of business to power you at every stage of your product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancement. Our solutions are simply based on specific requirements ensuring your application is responsive in any environment.

Information Security

We secure your information wherever it travels with the most automated and adopted Enterprise Digital Rights Management system in the world. With deep expertise, ease-of-use, advanced technology, and connectivity that delivers automated file protection, Seclore will empower your business to strike the right balance between security and collaboration.

AI, IoT Development Services

Our experienced team has the technical skills in remote monitoring, remote control, cloud solutions, data analytics, mobile development, information security and more, which makes us fully equipped to keep pace with IoT market dynamics.

Managed IT Services

We helps organizations with all aspects of their information delivery system, from desktops and remote access to the Enterprise Information Portals, and from the planning and design process of your IT infrastructure to everyday maintenance for Cloud Infrastructure Management, Application Maintenance and Support, Networking Management Services.

BIG Data and AI Consulting Services

we hold expertise in the domains of Big Data and AI (Deep Learning, Machine Learning). We have built large-scale systems in the world. We have a highly scalable big data lab which is used by most of the academic and software industry. Our Big data solutions are globally accepted.

Digital Education Solutions

Identifying the challenges faced by teacher education as the global society becomes increasingly complex requires understanding the current contexts for teacher preparation while projecting what needs to be done to prepare for the future.

Digital Solutions

The high technology industry has never been more volatile than it is today. Emerging technologies can revolutionize a category seemingly overnight. We work with you to analyze and identify opportunities to transition your paper-based processes to digital. This evolution can result in operational efficiencies, personalized communications, and improved regulatory compliance.

Web App Development

Our experienced team has the technical skills in building Android, iOS and Windows to address the needs of the industries. We focus on delivering end-to-end custom website development services and establishing long-term partnerships with our customers.

Healthcare consulting & Solutions

Our decades of combined industry experience ensure we can best guide clients to select the right strategic options. Ultimately our shared goal is to improve clinical, financial and human performance to achieve long-term success, so they in turn can better deliver on their mission to service the community.

Training & Certification

We offer comprehensive training courses authorized by industry to help our customers and partners. The lab setup is exactly how enterprises work on machine learning, deep learning and Big Data technologies.